Public fundraising campaign for the landscape below Ralsko

Geopark Ralsko o.p.s. has been running an official public fundraising campaign since November 2015.

Please contribute any amount to account No. 2112355948/2700 and participate in the further development of the Ralsko Geopark’s territory.


The purpose of the fundraising campaign is to collect funds for the projects focusing on conservation and restoration of both natural and cultural heritage of the Ralsko Geopark, and supporting development of sustainable tourism (building visitor centres, rest points and nature trails, marking hiking trails, restoring small monuments and other similar activities). Methods of collecting funds:

Collecting financial contributions in the announced bank account that was opened for this purpose at the following bank: UniCredit Bank, Jindřicha z Lipé 108/25, 470 01 Česká Lípa, account No.: 2112355948/2700

Using travelling collection boxes – 3 pieces of travelling collection boxes

Selling tickets for public cultural events organized by Geopark Ralsko o.p.s. in order to obtain contributions. The contribution is 20% of the ticket prices.


Kontaktní osoba projektu
Lenka Mrázová
+420 739 354 701