About us

Geopark Ralsko o.p.s. is a public benefit organization which is the management entity of the Ralsko National Geopark.

The Ralsko Geopark is inherently a specific geopark. Its territory is largely located in the territorial unit of one municipality (it consists of the entire land of the municipality of Ralsko and a part of the land of the municipalities of Doksy and Hamr na Jezeře). It is situated in the territory of the former Ralsko military training area, and its total area is approximately 294 km2.


2013 – establishment of the management entity of Geopark Ralsko o.p.s., obtaining the status of candidate geopark

2016 – obtaining the certificate of the Ralsko National Geopark and membership in the National Council of Geoparks of the Czech Republic


The main motto of the Ralsko Geopark is “Discovering the landscape of extinct villages, iron ore and sandstone without barriers”, which expresses the major natural and cultural phenomena of the area. “Discovering without barriers” means making the territory accessible for people of all ages and social categories, as well as preserving the territory for the general public as part of sustainable tourism. The relief of the region invites to exploring the landscape from all angles, and thanks to its low demands it is also accessible for visitors with limited mobility.


Our mission is based on the Charter of National Geoparks and on the principles of sustainable development. To strengthen the environmental development of the region based on the protection of natural and cultural values. To strengthen the economic development of the region based on friendly tourism and positive presentation. To strengthen the social development of the region based on knowledge and education.


protection of natural and cultural values, research and monitoring;

interpretation of local heritage, education and raising of public awareness;

development of sustainable tourism (geotourism), promotion of the region;

cooperation focused on regional development.

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